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Hi - I'm Julie and welcome to my website.

Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I came over to England in the late 80's to study, and stayed. I have based myself in Bournemouth, Dorset ever since.

It was about 1998 that I began to look more seriously into the various aspects of the more mystical world.

I have worked with the Tarot for many years, inspired and helped by Donna Maxine. Often I am 'given' more information than the cards are showing and because I trust my intuition, it becomes stronger and adds to the readings.

I was also getting into meditation around that time. Attending Quakers for a few years taught me the value of silence and deep peace of inward reflection. From there, I started working with groups in led meditations/visualisations. I like to use the chakra colours within my meditations and thus give a richer depth to healing and relaxation.

If you want fast shifts, then Bodywork is for you! I have experienced Patricia's unique approach and and witnessed the life-changing results brought to clients. It is a whole new way of living, not simply a form of healing. I completed the training course plus an advanced level and I have been practising Bodywork for over 7 years. Bodywork's honesty and power continue to speak for themselves. You will feel safe and supported in my 1:1 bodywork sessions.

As you can see from my homepage, I have a real affintity with moon energy (as well as other elements) and also love crystal work, palmistry and other forms of divination. I have learned that Nature is breathtakingly powerful... and generous. So, let it in.

I look forward to meeting you.

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