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The beauty that lies within the essence of Bodywork healing, is that there is no limitation; no restriction.

'..Entrenched attitudes. Inescapable traditions. Boundaries and barriers..'

This is often the story of our lives from birth. Bodywork is about 'softening' the body on a tissue level to address these 'holdings' and therefore allowing the body to unfold and let go of those restrictions that hold us back from life. Healing that allows our dreams to be realised.

Bodywork is hands-on healing. Non-manipulative. Very gentle, yet powerful. The shifts and changes that follow can be very quick and from my personal experience, empowering and wonderfully life-changing.

There is an ease and fluidity that you will feel and those around you will feel it too! I have witnessed how it can bring about deep-rooted transformation.

We often pay insufficient heed to the more subtle inner voice of our intuition. That inner voice resides in the present. The Now. Being present is about softly bringing awareness to your physicality and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. To be truly living and free is to be in the Now.

When working with clients in the present, I am also addressing their past and their future. All of which are significant and are visible in the body. The present deals with 'feelings' and anything other than that are 'thoughts'. When we are in our heads thinking, we are not in the body and therefore not fully present.

The body never lies. Regardless what our voices may say, the body will communicate its truth. This is what I work with; people's emotions reflected in their physical bodies.

In a safe environment, I will work at your pace to unravel those issues that are holding life back and therefore allow life back in.

Connected breathing is a major part of Bodywork. Breath is vital to life. Many of us breathe just about sufficiently to stay alive! Yet it is one of the most effective 'cures' we dont use.

In a session, as the body tissue softens, lengthens and expands, the breath connects from head to toe; gently 'massaging' the body internally and nourishing the organs and blood supply.

I often find it difficult to describe Bodywork because for me, it is very experiential. Just feel the difference.

I was introduced to this unique approach by Patricia Chisholm, previously a teacher of this art.

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