I hold meditation calsses in Bournemouth when numbers allow.


Calming the mind and finding your own inner peace. Interested?

More and more people are realising the need to be still and take time out to reduce their stress levels. Meditation is a great way to achieve that and it can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere!

We usually adopt a seated position, with hands on the thighs (either palms up or down); feet (preferrably bare) flat on the floor and ensure the back is supported.

Throughout any meditation it is important to have removed anything that may disturb your silence. Unplug the phone, set aside a time and space where you can be alone and invest in some 'me' time. Meditation is not about falling asleep; but rather, a state of physical relaxation with mental alertness.

Most important, is your breathing. Deep connected breathing is one of the most overlooked healing powers we possess. It is vital to occassionally return your focus to your breathing to ensure the energy flow is getting to the whole body. In fact, some people focus solely on their breathing, to get themselves into a meditative state.

A difficult aspect of meditation is trying to clear the mind of busy thoughts or worries which clog up our everyday life. This improves with practise, coupled with the relief of leaving it aside for a while!

Visualisation is the easiest way to meditate (especially for beginners). This is a guided meditation where you are led by someone to your own individual experiences. As you become more confident, it is the easiest way to relax. Take time in your day/week to let your mind connect with your imagination.

Your senses become heightened as you take your mind wherever you wish to be. It is vital that the place you 'visit' in the meditation, is safe.

For those more advanced, there is less vocal guidance - often only a chime to take the meditation deeper. This does require more experience and discipline, however, it is extremely effective.

In group meditation, there is a lot to gain from individuals sharing at the end. This way, the expression of their experience during the meditation can awaken many dreams and ideas which lie deep in the subconscious; bringing them to the conscious and so potentially awaken a new understanding in their lives.

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