Tarot Courses in Bournemouth / Dorset

There are many things that a Tarot book alone cannot give, and that's the years' experience of a Tarot Reader and the ability to answer specific questions that arise when one begins the journey of using the Tarot.!

If you are considering learning the Tarot for yourself and others, then consider some of my courses available.


there is a one day course which covers a brief explanation of all the cards and basic spreads.

For those people looking for something more indepth and detailed. I offer a 6 week course (one evening a week, 2.5 hrs) for beginners.


There is also an advanced course for the same duration for those taking it to the next level with the possibility of working with it.


Deepen your spirituality and intuition while finding your own way with the Tarot. This could be your way to help yourself and others.



I will also do Tarot Courses via SKYPE. Please contact me for more details.

Or try a Tarot Party. Get a small group of friends (5+) together for an evening and find out what's on the cards!

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