Tarot Readings in Bournemouth / Dorset & Online

With great guidance from Donna Maxine (a highly respected Psychic and Tarot Reader in Bournemouth, the UK and internationally), I have been reading the cards for over 15 years.

Tarot is a very ancient and powerful means of divination and a useful tool for day to day living.

Whether using a single card for meditation purposes or to complete a reading, the cards will always be true.

Some readers work more intuitively than others and are receiving other information from guides as they work with the Tarot. Either way, I think it is important to respect their use and handling.

It is also important to understand that a tarot reading is a map of the future and that people always have an element of choice within that. Therefore, it is vital that life is not solely lived through the cards but in harmony with them. To ease that rollercoaster ride or at least make sense of it!


Find out what lies ahead for you in 2016.



I will also do Tarot readings via post / email or phone. Please contact me for more details.

Or try a Tarot Party. Get a small group of friends together for an evening and find out what's on the cards!

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