Healing - Bodywork

Healing available in Bournemouth / Dorset & online

We are all of us, naturally, far more capable than we realise. We sometimes take our intellect too seriously and often pay insufficient heed to the more subtle inner voice of our intuition.

With the gentle approach to my work, I see and understand the personal power that is resident within every single one of us. Most people have yet to develop and use it to its full potential. Bodywork, especially, will enable this to blossom and empower us to realise our dreams; finding freedom in the flow of life.

Bodywork is a powerful way to prepare the ground for and sow the seeds of some positive change that will, at our own pace, grow and blossom during a session and continue over time.


Tarot Readings

Tarot readings available in Bournemouth / Dorset & online

Life can be a roller coaster ride for many people. More ups and downs await. As fast as we think we know which direction we're heading in, things change. That's unnerving for those who like things to stay the same.

The Tarot cards offer an insight into how the future is unfolding, based on our choices to date. They bring enlightenment where there is confusion and, when used respectfully, will guide and counsel through life's challenges and joys. Tarot is not about destiny. It is about choice.



Meditation information and booking details available

With today's ever increasing stress levels, often we are caught up in the chaos of life. The ability to be still is not always easy and the benefits can be overlooked. Meditation brings a peacefulness as well as a tool to use whenever necessary. Linked to colours and Chakras, my guided meditations bring healing and relaxation and an inward awakening to a new understanding about life. *classes available when numbers allow




I offer Healing (Bodywork) Tarot Readings & Meditation, with a warm approach to helping people deal with the challenges that arise in life. Available in Bournemouth / Dorset & online





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Healing - Bodywork

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"..finding freedom in the flow of life.."